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Commercial step for DuraPulp

, by Helena Ståhle , in challenge A Durable Paper

In collaboration with UK based James Cropper PLC, the speciality paper and advanced materials group, Södra is taking the first commercial step into the international market for bio-composite material DuraPulp. The collaboration brings together the respective core competences of each organisation and the creation of cross-functional expert teams with the aim to develop DuraPulp solutions for a wide potential range of applications.

“James Cropper’s extensive technical competence and global market reach will mean that we will be able to speed up the commercialisation of DuraPulp,” said Anna Altner, Södra’s Project Manager for DuraPulp.

 “Initially, the collaboration will involve niche and high end packaging related applications but we do see wide potential opportunities, including the horticulture market,” explained Jacqueline Redman, Strategic Marketing and Innovation Manager at James Cropper.

James Cropper plc has 2 business divisions – the paper division includes the speciality and luxury paper manufacturing and converting business and the non-woven division, Technical Fibre Products which has a holds a niche and leading position in the aerospace, energy, medical, automotive and other sectors. James Cropper Speciality Papers is one of the world’s leading producers of bespoke coloured paper; in the last six months alone it has won two awards for innovative sustainable luxury packaging, most recently in Shanghai. 

“We will be exploring these markets to establish if our unique product can offer useful solutions,” noted Urban Blomster, Business Development Manager for DuraPulp.

Södra is already involved in technical collaboration with Swt Paper, a privately-owned business development company in Varberg specialising in bespoke paper and cardboard products. This collaboration is making it possible to produce wet-formed DuraPulp demonstrators that showcase the material’s potential in bespoke packaging and containers.

DuraPulp is a bio-composite material that consists of specially-selected pulp from Södra Cell and a renewable biopolymer. After additional processing, these two components take on special properties, such as moisture resistance, strength and rigidity.  

James Cropper PLC is an advanced materials group with more than 500 employees and turnover in the region of 80 million GBP. 

For further information, please contact:
Anna Altner, Project Manager for DuraPulp Södra, tel + 46 (0)340-63 35 07
Urban Blomster, Manager Business Development for DuraPulp Södra, +46-(0)340-633732
Jacqueline M Redman, Strategic Marketing and Innovation Manager
James Cropper PLC | Burneside Mills | Kendal | Cumbria | LA9 6PZ | Great Britain
Tel:   +44 (0 1539 722002
DDI:  +44 (0)1539  818392

Meet us at IMFA!

, by Helena Ståhle , in challenge A Durable Paper

We will be presenting DuraPulp at International Moulding Fibre Associations IMFA) annual meeting in Toronto 24th of April.

The moulding technique was used when producing the children´s chair Parupu and we think this is an excellent method to produce products made of DuraPulp. We are looking forward to learn more about the process and listen to producers, machine suppliers and tool makers. 


The cardboard bike - Taking recycling one step further

, by Anna Altner

Wood fibres are a fantastic raw material! When used correctly, they have a positive effect on our carbon footprint (trees need to be replanted after harvesting and the forest must be managed well). In addition, wood fibres can be recycled and reused, reducing further our impact on the Earth’s resources. The fibres can be reused in many different ways, from newspapers and packaging materials to egg trays and other moulded products, as well as tissue paper.

Now one man has taking recycling to a new level, by making a bike out of cardboard. Imagine what we could do if all the bikes in the world were made from wood fibres, and better still, recycled and FSC-traced fibres: What could that do for our carbon footprint?

Just look at this amazing documentary film!  http://vimeo.com/37584656

Read more about the project on: http://designalmic.com/cardboard-bike-project-izhar-gafni/ 

I want one!!!

, by Helena Ståhle

We already know that paper is amazing, right! But this vase made out of paper is just something extra! You can yourself create your own shape of the vase with just your bare hands. The vase is designed by Torafu architects in Tokyo and is called “airvase”. Look at the clip to get examples of how you can create different shapes.


DuraPulp - winner of Plastovationer; category ”Bio”

, by Anna Altner , in challenge A Durable Paper

DuraPulp won the Swedish prize Plastovationer in the category “Bio” this week in Jönköping. The paper Plastforum together with DuPont, Distrupol and Elmia announce every year prices for best innovative plastic products. DuraPulp is in between paper and plastic and we are happy that DuraPulp won the price in the plastic area. Last year DuraPulp won best Innovative Product of the Year Award at PPI (Pulp Paper International) awards. This shows that DuraPulp has the strength of plastic but the feeling of paper!

Pack your precious!

, by Helena Ståhle , in challenge A Durable Paper

Come and visit us during this week at Scanpack 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Take the opportunity and discuss DuraPulp benefits in packaging materials with us. You can also see "Pack your Precious" designed by Rasmus Malbert which is an example of that is possible to create with DuraPulp in packaging applications. 



Any ideas about ThirstPulp?

, by Thérèse Thelin

..and what it can be used for? on the 3rd-4th of september master students from Chalmers (Industrial Design and Engineering) join forces with us at Sodra PulpLabs and colleagues within the WooDi project two have a 24 hrs creative workshop on this subject. The theme is capture, contain or carry and the students now have the opptortunity to creat greate ideas what ThirstPulp can be used for. We are lookin forward to see their ideas.

Consept for insulating paper!

, by Helena Ståhle



In the paper Ny Teknik the student work on our Challenge 002 - Insulating paper was rewarded as one of the best student works in Sweden during this spring! We are happy that it is not just us that are impressed with the students work! We will now start to see if we can visaualise their idea and create a protective gear containing these crach pads.


We at PulpLabs are now on holiday and will be back in August! Have a nice summer!


The Silent Smell of paper

, by Anna Altner

  “The smell of a freshly printed book is the best smell in the world.”

Karl Lagerfeld is a true book lover - his library holds more than 300,000 books. The designer also owns a   book publishing company, Edition 7L, and runs his own bookstore, 7. Maybe that's why he developed the new fragrance – Paper Passion.

The scent shall smell like ink on paper and has been developed in cooperation with Geza Schön, a perfumer from Berlin. The fragrance is packaed in a hardcover book which is desgined in collaboration with  Gerhard Steidl, Lagerfeld’s Edition 7L partner. 


Hidden inside the pages of a book, Paper Passion is accompanied by texts from Karl Lagerfeld, Günter Grass, Geza Schoen and Tony Chambers.



Read more at Steidels homepage.